About Karl

Karl Wagner is a Software Engineer concentrating on development of efficient software on a variety of platforms. He can engineer solutions ranging from modules for common web platforms to full-blown software for PC and mobile devices, with an emphasis on performance, scalability and ease-of-use. He will also provide advice and planning on building high performance, scalable, secure and resilient architectures on which to build, making use of appropriate technologies including cloud computing and clustering.

Karl is currently available for development contracts across a variety of technologies. If you would like to know more, just drop an email to karl@karlw.com.


Karl has over 20 years of experience in software development and systems administration, starting with improving his father’s AutoCAD station at age 12. He quickly realised that extending and automating systems could yield huge improvements to productivity and user experience, implementing a vast array of additional features through the use of AutoLISP. From there, he moved on to some simple development in Amiga BASIC, before finally moving to C and C++.

His skills were recognised by the IT Administrator at school, who recruited him and gave him his first introduction to truly corporate-level computer systems at age 15. Having learned about Linux by this point, he implemented a Windows domain authenticated intranet and proxy server, as well as vastly improving the security of the school IT systems. Throughout this time, he was taught principals of systems administration and network management.

After studying Engineering at Lancaster University, he has been involved in projects including:

  • Integration of AutoCAD with a database for office planning and directory
  • Development of a simple admin frontend for Asterisk open-source VoIP telephony systems
  • End user support for a number of different systems
  • Implementation of ERP systems and custom functionality development
  • Integration of multiple, proprietary software systems with open-source software
  • Custom Magento module development
  • Development of custom EPOS software including integration with required hardware and ERP systems
  • Security hardening of custom APIs